Why Should You Avoid Microfibres And Opt For Newborn Organic Clothes?


Don’t you want to be an eco-friendly, sustainable Mamma? Then, you need to learn what is good for your baby and what isn’t. In general, newborn organic clothes are the best staple for our baby’s wardrobe. And the Global Organic Baby Clothes market gets predicted to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period between 2022 and 2028.

However, there are other materials as well!

In this blog, we talk about what microfibres are, why they have become a global issue, and what you can do to avoid them. So, keep reading!


Microfibres get derived from plastic-based synthetic clothing. You will find this material in activewear, polar fleeces, bedding, clothes, underwear and pyjama.

But do you know that hundreds of toxic chemicals go into the manufacturing of synthetic clothing?

Microfibres or microplastics are tiny bits of plastic less than 5mm in length. Even outfits made from recycled plastic bottles end up breaking down into microfibres and get found in the ocean. That is why we recommend opting for newborn organic clothes for your baby’s wardrobe.


When synthetic clothing gets washed, it generates tiny plastic balls. And they get released into the oceans. Unfortunately, fish mistake these fibres for plankton, swallow them and end up in our food chain.

And microplastics have also been discovered in the placenta and newborn baby’s faeces.

Apart from the ingestion of microfibres through the food we consume, there is also the risk of ingesting them from our other clothes and bedding.

Shockingly, researchers found that babies have 10 x more microfibres in their bodies than adults.

Fortunately, many people are coming up with solutions to the microfibre problem.

organic cloth


Here are a few ideas you can use to reduce the shedding of microfibres.

Consider a lower-temperature wash. It is not as harsh and less likely to shake out plastic fibres.

Use a wash bag when washing clothes. It helps collect the microfibres that get shed from your clothes during washing.

Opt for liquid laundry detergent.

If you spin your dirty garments at a slower speed in the washing machine, it can lessen the risk of more microfibres shedding.

And the best thing, opt for organic clothes for your baby’s wardrobe.

Wrapping Up!

You can consider a renowned name to buy quality newborn organic clothes. We offer the best eco-friendly products available for your baby to enjoy! Plus, we help to provide a sustainable future and ensure a safer environment for our children. Get in touch with us by visiting our social media pages.