What Is Montessori Inspired Furniture?

What is Montessori-Style Furniture?

Montessori-style furniture is a unique category of children’s furniture designed to encourage independence and self-directed learning. Rooted in Montessori principles, these pieces are crafted to be easily accessible and usable by children, allowing them to explore their environment safely. This means lower tables, reachable shelves, and other designs that empower a child to take charge of their own space.

Why is Child-Sized Furniture Important in Montessori?

Child-sized furniture is crucial in Montessori settings because it aligns perfectly with the Montessori ethos of fostering independence. When children can comfortably reach, climb, and utilise furniture on their own terms, it aids in developing their practical life skills and instils a sense of responsibility. Montessori bedroom, nursery or playroom furniture isn’t merely about the size but about empowering the child to be actively participant in their learning journey.

How To Find and Choose Montessori Furniture 

According to Natalie Oliver from guidepostmontessori.com who suggests ” look for specific features that align with Montessori principles. First, the furniture should be simple for your child to use. Open shelving and cubbies tend to be easier to use than cupboards and closets with heavy doors. The furniture should also be scaled down to your child’s size so they can get the most out of it.

 Independent learning comes from exploration, problem solving and trial and error. Parents can keep a lookout for furniture and accessories that enable your child’s learning instead of doing the learning for them. For example, swap options that reduce your child’s opportunities for mobility -like baby walkers- for wagons, which give your child the choice of when and how to use it.

In general, spaces that follow Montessori principles tend to have a clean and minimalist look. Instead of furniture with ornate detail and fussy features, you might look for simple designs with neutral colors. Natural woods are a popular material for bringing nature into the space, too.

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