The Best Baby Bibs Guide to use for your Baby and everything you need to know!



According to once you introduce solid food, your child might show signs of wanting to feed themselves. For example, your child might start reaching out for the spoon or trying to take food off your plate.

It’s natural for your child to want to feed themselves, and it’s great to encourage this – although it’s often messy and can sometimes be frustrating.

Be patient – your child will get there eventually. You might like to keep a camera handy to catch the funny side of this feeding stage.

Starting with finger foods

Finger foods are small, soft pieces of food that are easy for children to pick up and mash between their gums or teeth.

If your child is showing interest in feeding themselves, finger foods are a great way to start. You could try small, soft pieces of:

  • fruit like ripe banana, mango or kiwifruit
  • cooked vegetables like potato, sweet potato or pumpkin.

Top tip: put a few pieces of food within your child’s reach. You can add more when your child finishes them or drops them. This way the food won’t all end up on the floor at the start. You might want to read more on this great subject here;

OK now that you have an idea of what’s ahead it’s very clear that a bib will come in handy!!  These are not just for home but for when you are out and about too. If your baby is brand new then a burp bib is probably the best solution. This is generally made from soft absorbable muslin and is very handy for all kinds of new baby spills. Drape it over your baby’s shoulders and snap it at the back for a full-coverage bib or place it over your shoulder for a no-slip burp cloth. They are usually machine washable, and our Aden & Anais muslin burpy cloths stay soft wash after wash. You might like to shop our muslin burpy cloths here:

classic burpy bib jungle jam

As your baby grows older they will begin to dribble and if your baby has started solids they will also drool around meal time. Once they are not relying on the breast or bottle if formula feeding,  consider a classic snap button dribble bib or the bandana style bibs are very useful for this stage. You can shop our Bandana bibs in Linen and organic cotton towelling here:

Once baby reaches the toddler stage they are learning to become more independent and learning to feed themselves. This is quite a messy stage and your toddler may benefit from a silicone bibs with a large spill tray. These are easily wiped clean, or can even be thrown in the dishwasher and are very handy. You will love our range of silicone bibs which can be found here:

It’s always a good idea to have a large number of bibs on hand for when out and about and around the home. They are one of the most useful baby accessories and are a must have !!

Hope this helps!!!