The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless


This essential handbook is used by aromatherapists all over the world and is one of the most successful titles in this area. It includes an A–Z listing of an enormous range of internationally relevant aromatic plants. Comprehensive information is provided for each entry, for example:

  • Common name, Latin binomial, botanical plant family
  • General Description – what it looks like
  • Distribution – where it’s found
  • Herbal Folk Tradition – traditional uses
  • Actions – what it’s good for
  • Extraction – how the oil is extracted
  • Characteristics – what the oil looks like and which other oils it blends well with
  • Safety Information.

The Encyclopedia also covers:

  • History of aromatherapy and herbalism
  • How aromatic plants work on your body & mind
  • How to make your own blends
  • Uses for oils in the home.

This is a classic guide to essential oils and will remain a vital source of information for generations to come.

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