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Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, this original wrap carrier invented in Byron Bay in 1998 was a revolution in baby carriers.  It has been copied by many brands since but the original is still the best in our view. The hugabub was quickly picked up by Midwives and professionals in preemie baby wards where they found amazing recovery and growth effects from babies being held close. They had tried other carriers but this was the first that allowed them to be fully hands free. This was the incredible development that the hugabub brought to baby wearing.

When you carry your new baby in the Hug-a-bub, they will settle faster and cry less allowing you to enjoy longer periods of calm and contentment. Using the hugabub is a way of life that will make your parenting and travel easier due to the hands free and massive comfort factor. Highly recommended for all new parents from our team here at Eco Baby Boutique.


Hug-a-Bub carriers are suitable for from 3.5 kg to 14 kg in weight – if you have a Hug-a-Bub, please check the instructions and product labelling for more information. There is no age restriction. Hug-a-Bub is comfortable for parents and carers because our carrier draws your child’s weight into your body rather than dragging from your shoulders. While it is still comfortable to carry a 2 year old child in a Hug-a-Bub it was designed to allow parents to carry smaller infants for longer periods of time. Most infants over the age of 1 and a 1/2 years no longer desire to be carried as much, so wearing periods tend to be shorter and less frequent. While the Hug-a-Bub is most useful from birth until around 1 year, it remains comfortable for use beyond this age. Keep your Hug-a-Bub handy for the times when your older child may be teething, unwell and clingy, or has had an injury and is wanting to be held. You will be amazed how comfortable it can be even with a 3 year old.