GroChair – Island Bench Seat for Toddlers| Available early June! by My Happy Helpers


What to do when your Toddler outgrows the Highchair?

My Happy Helpers GroChair is the unique solution to your little ones meal time seating needs. Our adjustable dining chair is designed to be used when your little one is too big for a high chair, but still too small to comfortably sit in a regular chair.

Our chairs adjust in height so that your child can remain in his / her chair from transition age, right through until late Primary School age.

Our Toddler Dining chairs have specifically designed seats, sides and back-rests to ensure that your child can sit comfortably at the benchtop and actively participate in mealtimes.

Our Adjustable, GroChairs are your solution for a transition from a High Chair.

* Please note there are TWO versions of our GroChair.  This version is for Island Benchtops, Breakfast Bars and Kitchen Counters 90cm and taller.)