5 Must-Have Items For Your Pre & Post Baby Life

Even if you’ve done it before, being a new mum is tough work. So if you have a bub on the way, it might be worth planning more than just the baby’s nursery. Stock up on some of the below essentials and life savers (suggested by North Shore mums) to make those first few months for you and the new Bub just a little bit more comfortable

Catherine from ‘northshoremums’ writes:The one thing I didn’t even know I needed and what I found the most useful was a baby carrier. It kept me sane. I could go for a walk and get out, and my baby was so happy in there. I used it up until she was almost two and she got too heavy for it. And I loved the Banabae swaddles

A bouncer! It’s the best place to pop bub while you do anything! I carry mine all over the house (bathroom etc) and he even sits in it on the bench while I cook etc ~ Andrea

A Baby Bjorn. My third baby had terrible colic – cried for five months! It saved my life. I carried her everywhere, strapped her to me while I cooked, and while I dealt with my other two! If possible, have a number of pre-made meals in the freezer. Plus, lots of bibs and burp cloths, some kind of carrier/wrap, baby singlets, comfortable yoga pants, integrated maternity bra/singlet top, maternity nightie/PJs

  • I used lavender essential oil – on me (pure and natural) – at night after my shower. The aroma kept us all calm and kept a regular routine. My mothers’ helper also mentioned to stock up on your fave bath/shower gel as it keeps your ‘smell’.
  • A great nipple cream – personal choice for this one but always buy a few tubes if you come across a winner, as you’ll need a few dotted around the house and in the car, and in your bag, and in bub’s bag and at your besties house … if you are wanting to breastfeed.
  • Heat packs – lots of heat packs. They help with tummy cramping and achy legs and back if you are ‘stuck’ in one spot all day. They are also great to keep yourself warm on cool nights if you are in and out of bed.
  • Music that you listen to at a particular time of the night is nice, too; something bub (and you) can sleep to.
  • Ready-to-eat meals – buy a few each week before bub’s arrival and stash. They will be a life saver at 3am when you are starving – a good go-to and better than jam toast.
  • A bouncer you can move around – the old style is still the best in my eyes. A swing is also a great option so you can get stuff done, but not great for bigger babies to sleep in. My three slept in theirs during the day while I was up and about doing stuff. Books and magazines (even ‘old’ ones from friends) can keep you entertained.
  • If you are expecting a winter bub, BLANKETS everywhere in every room. The first few months are all about getting through the day and doing it the best you can.
  • The best thing you can have is HELP – if someone offers and you are comfortable with them helping, let them – it means as much to them as it does to you … promise!

    Organise some home delivery food. The Dinner Ladies is fab! ~ Lisa

    A baby swing; baby carrier; white noise app or music box; if you plan to breast feed, then, a ‘breastfriend pillow’; breast pads; breastfeeding cover, and breastfeeding singlets/bras; pre-made meals in freezer, if possible ~ Ashley

    Sudocrem for bub, and one of those things that stop the baby from rolling in their sleep ~ Kanada

    Lansinoh cream (for nipples, nappy rash, everything), a baby carrier (I got a stretchy wrap I could breastfeed in), hooded towels (not the kind with the hood in the corner) ~ Josana

    Brigitta suggests…
    • White noise machine. We went with a dream sheep and the baby loved the heartbeat sound.
    • TV shows on the laptop and ebooks on your phone for all those night feeds.
    • Someone you trust to look after bub at your place so you can grab some extra naptime.
    • Muslin wraps (or flannel if it’s a winter baby) to swaddle – no need to buy expensive swaddles initially if you don’t want to as they grow out of them so quickly in those first few months (we were still using our original muslins at six months).
    • Onesies that zip open from the bottom so you don’t have to completely strip baby to change them.

    Cloth nappies, otherwise known as chucky cloths in my house. My kids are six and four now and we still have a pile of them in our kitchen for spills and things ~ Amanda

    Wraps to swaddle your baby in (for sleep time)

    Cloth nappies, otherwise known as chucky cloths in my house. My kids are six and four now and we still have a pile of them in our kitchen for spills and things ~ Amanda

    Wraps to swaddle your baby in (for sleep time) ~ Ashley

    Try dinnerladies.com.au and absolutedomestics.com.au ~ Emily

    Cleaner weekly for the first six weeks! It was the best present ever ~ Lisa

    Hug-a-Bub wrap carrier and we upgraded to a king-sized bed! ~ Neroli

    A pack or two of those old square cloth nappies! You can get them at Big W and they are the best for lining the feeding pillow, bouncer, pram, car seat etc if bub tends to spit up milk or if they get leaky nappies. I still find uses for them with DS3 and DD1. Also, my fave wraps for swaddling were the L’il Fraser ones. Plus, a nice big water bottle for you if you’re breastfeeding. You get so thirsty ~ Kathryn

    A freezer full of meals, cupboards full of easy snacks, plus a fruit/veg delivery and/or a bunch of friends who can help you with meals for a few weeks! ~ Angela

    Mother & Baby magazine xxx

    • For the late night feeds have a few good TV series ready to go.
    • Plenty of healthy snack foods such as bars and nuts.
    • If you have time before bub is born, stock your freezer with small meal portions so you don’t have to cook/prep if you are tired.
    • I used a boomerang pillow as my feeding pillow.
    • A hair elastic on my wrist worked well to know which side I was up to when breastfeeding (you have to remember to move it each feed, though).
    • Cheap tea towels as burping cloths.
    • A baby carrier, like a Manduca or ErgoBaby, once they’re over 3.5 kg.

    A slow cooker. Throw everything in when you get a minute and dinner cooks itself. Freeze portions for later ~ Debbie

    A moses basket comes in handy for first few months as you want to be close by while they sleep (or you can use your bassinet on the pram). Also a good wrap. L’il Fraser wraps are big and stretchy and the Love To Dream zip-up swaddles are great, too. Also, a monitor with temperature guide ~ Samantha

    Singlet suits, not singlets as they ride up, cloth nappies, Sudocrem, Bonds Wondersuits, cotton blankets and cot fitted sheets, baby bath oil and baby bath, cotton balls and Sorbolene cream, Bio-Oil for post pregnancy tummy, Gro Egg for temperature monitoring, a night light, soft thin face washers, baby play mat and, most definitely, a battery-controlled rocker with vibration ~ Lynn

    TOM Organic maternity pads ~ Brianna

    MOBY Wrap, exercise ball to sit and bounce on with baby, mixed nuts and chocolate! Everything else can wait. Good luck!

    • Square cloth nappies work great as change table liners, breast milk rags etc.
    • The Banabae swaddles are brilliant and idiot proof; we used them from two days old.
    • Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs were amazing.
    • Comfort items such as a blanket to throw on your lap when feeding, maternity singlets, TV shows or movies to watch when feeding.
    • A carrier (I love our MOBY Wrap, worth every cent when they snuggle in).
    • An app for feeding tracking, the Sleepy Sounds app (free and runs indefinitely), and a portable nightlight when you’re up and stumbling around in the dark.
    • Oat muesli bars and Powerade for energy, but will also help boost/maintain your supply. 

    Snacks (chocolate and of the healthy variety), a digital thermometer and Panadol for babies on the ready, and a vibrating bouncer! We had a Fisher-Price one


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